" Timo on asioita nopeasti oivaltava ihminen, joka osaa ajatella laajoja kokonaisuuksia ja asettaa niissä palaset kohdalleen. Tunnen Timon toiminnan miehenä, joka ei pelkästään puhu, vaan saa aikaan." 

Sirpa Pietikäinen


" Timo has an unusual talent to deal with complex situations seeing and understanding both people and systems.

In these uncertain times it is great to have partners with practical plans to innovation and growth and with abilities to bring plans into reality."

Liga Berzina

CEO, Chairman of the Board

" I know Timo from his leadership of Autism Foundation Finland. We have worked together exchanging organisational knowledge and innovative thinking. Timo is a visionary leader, he has taken difficult but necessary decisions and the results have been transformative for his organisation and inspirational for Scottish Autism. He has achieved this with his extensive business skills but also with empathy and compassion for those he represents."

Charlene Tait

Deputy CEO / Scottish Autism